Boulder CSED Week - Computer Science Education Week - seeks to connect every member of the community, regardless of age, background, or previous experience, with the best resources to learn and experience computer science.

Programs offered from December 1-8, 2018 and are geared toward raising computer science education awareness and excitement.

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Boulder's tech community has come together for the 5th year to make Boulder CSED week what it is!

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Youth Maker Hangout is Back!
By Jack Forrest - September 10, 2018

Youth Maker Hangout provides a unique space for kids to practice their coding and engineering skills with their peers and volunteer mentors. Now back for the 5th year running, YMH has kicked off with a record turnout and some new technologies to play with including BBC’s micro:bit.

Make your own digital designs and computer programs in a social setting using a variety of tools: Scratch, Bitsbox, BiBli robots, Tinker CAD, Zotebook, Arduino programming, and more. Each weekly session will launch with a short lesson using one type of technology that relates to the month’s theme. Work on monthly challenges or designs of your choice and share your work! Bring a laptop or borrow one from the Library. Volunteers and experts will be on hand to support.

Recommended for youth ages 7-14. Parents are encouraged (not required) to stay and learn coding too!

Generously sponsored by the Boulder Library Foundation.

Youth Maker Hangout meets weekly on most Tuesdays 4-5:30pm during BVSD school year. Check out the Boulder Public Library calendar for updates.

Come check it out!

Planning underway for CSED 2018
By Jack Forrest - August 25, 2018

A small group of community organizers, Boulder Public Library staffers and corporate sponsors have begun meeting to plan and coordinate efforts around CSED Week’s 2018 incarnation.

Funds gathered too late in the year to be put to good use for the 2017 CSED Week have started the 2018 fund off with enough capital to ensure viability of the event, and community support continues to pour in even as Boulder’s summer Computer Science Education programs (Summer of Discovery and GoIT) have wound down.

With the regular school-year programs soon kicking back into full swing, we’re excited to welcome Boulder’s new and returning students into Boulder Library’s Youth Maker Hangout, and will continue to shape CSED week into the very best that we can make it from what we learn in the other programs.

A look back at CSED Week 2017
By Jack Forrest - August 23, 2018

Breaking CSED week down for newcomers to the community isn’t exactly easy. A lot happens in that week, and the program as a whole is a conglomeration of so many diverse classes, activities and lectures that we’re never too sure how to sum it up.

Luckily, we took pictures. Take a look at what we’ve done for CSED week in its past iterations!

CSED  Week Boulder 2016
CSED Week Boulder 2015
CSED Week Boulder 2014

Got thoughts? Planning for CSED week 2018 has just picked up into full swing, so now is the perfect time to share - Email Us or post on Twitter @csedlive with your ideas.