Boulder CSED Week - Computer Science Education Week - seeks to connect every member of the community, regardless of age, background, or previous experience, with the best resources to learn and experience computer science.

Programs in Boulder will be offered from December 3-9, 2019 and are geared toward raising computer science education awareness and excitement.

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Boulder's tech community has come together for the 5th year to make Boulder CSED week what it is!

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Bitsbox, CSED, and coding creativity
By Christie Veitch - December 4, 2018

Back in the day (read: 2014) when Boulder CSED Week was an idea that a collective of educators, organizations, companies, and community leaders had but hadn’t made happen yet, Bitsbox hadn’t yet launched but it was in the works as they built their kids learn to code product and prepared it for release. In my mind, Bitsbox and Boulder CSED Week have always been linked because we launched on the same day. As our Boulder group announced that CSED Week could be town-wide and week long and go way beyond an hour of code with a “Kickoff Code Party” Bitsbox launched on Kickstarter on the same day!

Bitsbox went on to get more than 500% of their fundraising goal on Kickstarter (WOW) and Boulder CSED Week has been lucky to have Bitsbox as a partner and presenter each year.

This year, the founders of Bitsbox are bringing something new and special to Boulder CSED week: coding improve. Bitsbox works by helping kids type simple lines of code and alter them to make an app and then customize it and make it their own. In this Live coding Improv, as a community, we’ll test the limits of how fast and easy we can make something creative and fun as Bitsbox founders take audience suggestions and shoutouts to create something wild, coding live as we watch. Come find out how many colors, creatures, noises, backgrounds and more can combine to make an app in just a few minutes. This demo will show why Bitsbox has grown, in a few short years, to have users in over 80 countries! Join in so you can experience how code can be just another way to invent amazing things that can make your friends laugh and make your family proud. As Bitsbox Founders Aiden Chopra and Scott Lininger say, “Coding is just another tool for making cool stuff, and ANYONE can do it."

It's Here - Boulder CSED Week!
By Christie Veitch - November 29, 2018

It’s here, it’s here! The most wonderful time of the year! In just a few days we’ll launch Boulder CSED Week’s fifth year.

Starting Saturday, December 1st and going until the much anticipated CSED Week Capstone on Saturday December 8th, we are thrilled for our community to join us in eight days of code creating, computational thinking, and making with technology.

I wanted to talk a bit about the timing and history of this week of championing code. Over the five years of being involved in creating this week in Boulder one of my favorite questions to field has been, “but why is it in December?” I get it - some years, like this one, this week overlaps with Channukah and that’s inconvenient. And for many of the educators we’d love to have attend our programs, December is a busy time - end of quarter and semester, holiday programs and parties and concerts, and their own family’s holiday traditions too. And although I haven’t verified this, someone told me recently that between November and the middle of January seven of the world’s major religions have 29 holidays and of course the end of the year as well so . . . it’s a busy time for many people for so many reasons!

But I love this timing for the nationally recognized CSED week because it was picked to coincide with the birthday of Admiral Grace Hopper. As a woman working in technology, I confess that I love that CSED week recognizes a woman. But Admiral Hopper’s contributions deserve lauding regardless of staking a claim for the women who would make their way in tech after her. In addition to her research, teaching, and Navy Reserves career, she also created the first modern programming language based on English words. Computers today are based on languages like the COBOL language she pioneered.

So, I embrace that this time of year is “too much” and take on the gift shopping and wrapping, holiday parties and end of year needs and invitations alongside a time of year to celebrate creating with code because Grace Hopper and her legacy made all of the jobs I’ve had in the past 10 years possible, and so much more.

Boulder also has decided that since we are the biggest CSED Week celebration in the country we can lead the way and celebrate for eight days! It allows us to offer many more hours of code, and hopefully allows you to find a program that will suit you and your family in terms of timing and opportunity to try something new. Check out the full schedule here - we can’t wait to have you visit a program and create with code.

Boulder CSED Week History
By Christie Veitch - November 25, 2018

5 years ago, a group of excited educators, non profit organizations, technology enthusiasts, and ed tech startups came together in Boulder to think about how we could join forces to make CSED week in Boulder aim for more than an hour of code. We had only 6 weeks until CSED week would be noted nationwide and wanted to craft something that represented that code can be found in everyday life, that code can be learned by anyone, and that coding and creativity go hand in hand.

We had to move fast and everyone donated ideas, talents, food, prizes and time at those 8 and 9am meetings to make our first Boulder CSED Week a hit. Our fearless leader, Emilie Kintner at Galvanize expressed it best when she said, “if we can make something fun and inclusive, and create a program that could someday be as motivating and expansive as Boulder Start Up Week we will have made CSED week something deserving of a whole week!”

That was 2013. In 2016 we were recognized as the largest CSED Week celebration in the country. Last year, in Boulder CSED Week’s fourth year, we offered 30 events attended by over 1000 community members (and a few people from further afield) coding more than 3000 hours in 8 days. We now know we can offer a CSED week that is town wide and week long and invite you to participate in learning or sharing code!

We are just a few days away from our 5th year. We can’t wait for learners of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels to join us in becoming code creators Dec 1st through 8th!

We’d like to say we are grateful for Emilie’s vision to pull so many diverse contributors and stakeholders together 5 years ago. We are grateful that both Galvanize and Boulder Public Library have offered space for meetings and programs, and logistical support over the years. We are grateful that so many organizations and companies have agreed that Boulder CSED week programs should always be free and fun. And I, personally, am grateful to volunteer to bring this to life side by side with people who have different talents than I do while sharing the same values of wanting to make this happen in ways that offer something valuable to our community.

Register today for free events on a variety of topics and for all ages starting Dec. 1 and concluding with the capstone presenations on Dec. 8! We hope to see you soon!

Youth Maker Hangout is Back!
By Jack Forrest - September 10, 2018

Youth Maker Hangout provides a unique space for kids to practice their coding and engineering skills with their peers and volunteer mentors. Now back for the 5th year running, YMH has kicked off with a record turnout and some new technologies to play with including BBC’s micro:bit.

Make your own digital designs and computer programs in a social setting using a variety of tools: Scratch, Bitsbox, BiBli robots, Tinker CAD, Zotebook, Arduino programming, and more. Each weekly session will launch with a short lesson using one type of technology that relates to the month’s theme. Work on monthly challenges or designs of your choice and share your work! Bring a laptop or borrow one from the Library. Volunteers and experts will be on hand to support.

Recommended for youth ages 7-14. Parents are encouraged (not required) to stay and learn coding too!

Generously sponsored by the Boulder Library Foundation.

Youth Maker Hangout meets weekly on most Tuesdays 4-5:30pm during BVSD school year. Check out the Boulder Public Library calendar for updates.

Come check it out!

Planning underway for CSED 2018
By Jack Forrest - August 25, 2018

A small group of community organizers, Boulder Public Library staffers and corporate sponsors have begun meeting to plan and coordinate efforts around CSED Week’s 2018 incarnation.

Funds gathered too late in the year to be put to good use for the 2017 CSED Week have started the 2018 fund off with enough capital to ensure viability of the event, and community support continues to pour in even as Boulder’s summer Computer Science Education programs (Summer of Discovery and GoIT) have wound down.

With the regular school-year programs soon kicking back into full swing, we’re excited to welcome Boulder’s new and returning students into Boulder Library’s Youth Maker Hangout, and will continue to shape CSED week into the very best that we can make it from what we learn in the other programs.

A look back at CSED Week 2017
By Jack Forrest - August 23, 2018

Breaking CSED week down for newcomers to the community isn’t exactly easy. A lot happens in that week, and the program as a whole is a conglomeration of so many diverse classes, activities and lectures that we’re never too sure how to sum it up.

Luckily, we took pictures. Take a look at what we’ve done for CSED week in its past iterations!

CSED  Week Boulder 2016
CSED Week Boulder 2015
CSED Week Boulder 2014

Got thoughts? Planning for CSED week 2018 has just picked up into full swing, so now is the perfect time to share - Email Us or post on Twitter @csedlive with your ideas.