Boulder CSEd Week seeks a Volunteer Program Director!

Our Mission:

Boulder CSED (Computer Science Education) seeks to connect every member of the community, regardless of age, background, or previous experience, with the best resources to learn and experience computer science.


We offer our programs and resources as a model to the rest of the world for raising computer science education awareness and excitement.

Since 2014, Boulder CSED week has gone from a loose collective of organizations to a team that is able to offer the community 20+ computer science education week programs for free, totaling nearly 1,500 hours of code completed through our programs. In 2016 we achieved those goals by coordinating over 20 organizations and 12 donors.

In order for Boulder CSED to keep offering quality access and connection to CSED opportunities to the community for free we now seek to add more direction, organizational and logistical leadership, and fundraising support.

What we have:

  • A model for producing 20-25 programs using high-impact ed-tech and new methods of teaching computer science to all ages and backgrounds
  • A long and growing list of enthusiastic local presenters that range from individuals, to small companies to big names like Google
  • A following of educators in BVSD and other school districts
  • A short list of donors
  • A longer list of community partners and contributors
  • Useful assets from the past 3 years

What we need is someone who:

  • Can help fundraise and track a small budget (We seek to raise $3000 – 6000)
  • Is passionate about supporting our current presenters and community partners while cultivating new relationships as needed
  • Is comfortable supporting small and large organizations to participate
  • Can host 5-8 planning meetings and derive clear action steps from them
  • Can offer sincere thanks and gratitude to donors, volunteers, and contributors
  • Will take some actions items but also help coordinate a small team to drive other action items to completion
  • Is enthusiastic about event and project planning and logistical organization and is fierce about follow-through

Past years have been best served by someone who can devote 2-5 hours a week to this program in August – October and 5-8 hours a week in November and December. CSED week is the first full week of December (in 2017, December 3rd through the 9th). With strong organization and preparation, the director can visit or lead a few events dedicating 10-12 hours during the week. 

What do volunteers and contributing leaders get out of working with Boulder CSED week:

  • Boulder CSED Week is the biggest CSED week celebration in the country. As it’s director, you will gain valuable event coordination experience
  • The Director of Boulder CSED Week is the chief evangelist. You will get to share victories and use data collected to show what was accomplished. Past directors and contributors have been able to use some successes in their resumes, interviews, and linkedIn profiles.
  • Boulder CSED Week has over 30 organizations involved in contributing efforts, being presenters and donating. You will get to add these to your professional network.
  • The community of educators and families that attend Boulder CSED week events are grateful for these opportunities and will often share that gratitude with you!

If this describes you please share with us your contact information and a brief statement of your interest and motivation to volunteer to lead this event. What do you feel like you bring to this event and its goals? If you feel your resume helps us know you and your interests better, please feel free to submit that also! 

As you consider this volunteer opportunity, please consider if you or others have other desirable volunteer skills to offer. Please check any that may apply to you and share with friends!