Invest in Boulder's Future Engineers

We exist in an incredible community with an ever-growing impact on the world via our vibrant ecosystem of technologically sophisticated businesses and institutions. The talented engineers of Boulder create some of the most advanced and socially impactful software there is.

Current and Post Sponsors

The CSED Week fund buys snacks, curriculum, devices to learn on and the other odds and ends the community can’t readily furnish ourselves but are still essential to keep the kids learning and the code flowing.

Every dollar donated goes directly to ensuring that CSED week continues to give Boulder’s youth a kick-start in the world of code.


Run a session, give your employees some time to volunteer, donate some raffle prizes… There are so many ways a Boulder business without cash to spare for a donation can help. Get in touch and we will be so very happy to have another sponsor join the CSED Week community that we’ll find a way to make use of whatever it is you’ve got!

Find out how you can help