You Can Help!

CSEd week is an ambitious undertaking. Hundreds of students descend on Boulder’s beautiful main library ready to learn and build in a flurry of fun condensed into seven crazy days.

None of this would be possible without the community that comes together every year to share our love of learning with Boulder’s young coders, and we welcome you to join us in making this thing happen.



CSEd week is still in its planning stages. We welcome community activists and organizers with a love of education to join us in shaping this years programming.


Know some code? You can be the difference that makes a student’s week!

We’re trying something new this year. CSEd week culminates in a demo-day style presentation where students are faced with the somewhat terrifying yet undeniably awesome opportunity to showcase their work in front of a live audience of their peers, parents and community.

Building and demoing a project in a week is not an easy thing to do, and we aim to provide every ounce of opportunity for success we can muster for our young coders.

If you’ve got some technical chops and want to share the joy of building with Boulder’s youth, we can get you partnered with the students who need your guidance to get their projects over the finish line and on the big screen at the end of the week.


Tables need setting up and tearing down, laptops need setting up and stashing, swarms of excited learners need herding (leave the cattle prod at home Boulder’s kids are actually pretty good listeners.) Basically, there’s plenty of work to do that doesn’t involve slinging a single line of code. Come lend a hand and you’ll be joining a team that knows that the things that seem simple are also the ones that tend to matter most when the curtains go up.

Do Your Thing

You know what it is you do best. Tell us what that is and how you’d like to use it, and we’ll do our honest best to help you get involved!