Boulder CSEd (Computer Science Education) seeks to connect every member of the community, regardless of age, background, or previous experience, with the best resources to learn and experience computer science. We define best as:   


We offer our programs and resources as a model to the rest of the world for raising computer science education awareness and excitement.

Since 2014 we’ve been offering free programs to teachers, students, and families by fundraising and personal donations of our volunteers. In 2016 we offered over 20 programs for less than $3500. Much of our time has gone towards collecting funds, taking valuable time away from planning and implementing programs. This year, we’re asking you to help us fundraise so that we can use more time to creatively, frugally, and enthusiastically put on Computer Science Education programs for the Boulder area. If you have enjoyed being part of Boulder CSEd week as a presenter, partner, participant, family, or educator please give what you can and share with others who may wish to give.

$5  = A $5 donation provides supplies to a teacher who attends the Boulder CSEd Week  professional development. We offer teachers, librarians, and educators workshops and handouts and stickers to take back to their classes to add more to making their CSEd lessons come alive!

$10 = A $10 donation ensures that a child who comes to the Boulder CSEd events gets a small bag of CSEd themed items to stoke their computer science excitement.

$20 = A $20 donation helps us provide food at events. This equals a pizza or snack tray, making events more welcoming to families or eductors.

$30 = A $30 donation helps us develop outreach opportunities so that more families can join us for the Boulder CSED week festivities! This includes flyers, translation services, and more.

$50 = A $50 donation helps us buy necessary supplies like extension cords and name tags that help our events run smoothly and stay organized.

$100 = A $100 donation covers printing the schedule of events for the week

$250 = A $250 donation  buys us food for an entire event, hosting several hundred people! We stretch every cent to turn it into hummus, cupcakes, and juice!

$300 = A $300 donation allows us to hire a photographer for one event so we can document how active our community is in celebrating CSEd week!

$1000 = A $1000 donation goes towards ensuring we have longer-term resources to continue the Boulder CSEd week programs: web hosting, curriculum development and a “CSEd gear Lending library” of robots, circuits, drones, coding applications, and more!
Note: All donations are processed through CSEd Partner Maker Bolder which is a registered 501.3 (c) non-profit. All donations are tax deductible.

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